Getting process right – breaking unseen barriers to participation

Until recently, our coaching team had worked off a purely informal basis for coaching requests: when people wanted coaching they would approach one of the team and kick off a relationship. And for the most part that seemed to be working. But there was a massive disconnect between people who indicated an interest in coaching, […]

Intuition – A Teacher’s Best Frenemy

I’m naturally a very intuitive person: the monotony of choosing to be explicit about minute details bores me to tears. The beautiful thing is that more often than not, that intuition has proven an invaluable trait. It allows me to think strategically, to go big picture with ideas and to often troubleshoot classroom issues before […]

Embracing Eccentricity

I’m an eccentric person. It’s taken a bit for me to recognise this about myself, but it has become something I am now comfortable with. It has not, however, been a big part of my teaching. To be honest I’ve probably tried to keep the crazy to a minimum, partly for concern that students will […]

Best job in the world

We’re now most of the way through the first week of the school year, and I’m feeling struck by the re-remembering of just how much I enjoy this job. There’s plenty to get frustrated at: unhelpful students, unhelpful teachers, administrivia, meetings, negative teachers, blah blah blah, but the fact of the matter is that this […]

Teaching with Integrity?

One of the bigger questions to come out of my trip to Mumbai (more details in previous post) was rethinking what integrity looks like in the classroom teaching environment. The trigger for this line of thinking was around the story I heard about Gandhi (again from the previous post): “A mother had a boy who […]

Mumbai – Being the Change

I’ve been back from my trip to Mumbai for about a week now, so it’s probably about time I get some thoughts down on paper (or nearest virtual equivalent) before those thoughts drop out of my mind completely. “Teach for Australia” is part of a global network of organisations who all essentially do the same […]

Go all the way

I realise this blog has been low on content and (for the last couple of posts) high on stealing other people’s content. But you can deal with it, because I loved this YouTube video – Bono reading a poem by Charles Bukowski. I know Bono can be a fairly divisive figure, but I love him […]

Ken Robinson on why education is broken

Great video from RSA Animate on why education needs a complete paradigm shift. I’m sure lots of you have seen his TED video, but the guys from RSA Animate do an amazing job with all their videos to put pictures to audio. And if you haven’t heard any of Ken Robinson’s stuff – I strongly […]

New theme for Teacher Man

I’ve created a new theme for Son of A Teacher Man – that’s right, I’ve created it. It’s something I’ve done before for my personal blog and this theme is loosely based on that. I’ve gone with a style of the old dot-matrix printers, mixed with some old-school video-games stuff. It’s been pretty fun, and […]

Weapon of Choice

As I’m sure is the case for many in the profession at the moment (and countless others), I’ve progressively been coming down with the latest cold-type bug that has been going around. It’s sapped my energy levels, left me with a red-raw throat and otherwise just made life miserable. But most significantly it took the […]