Door problems at Teach for Australia

Julia Gillard was once more promoting Teach for Australia in the media, this time on Lateline raising a concerning problem.

“They were literally having their doors beaten down by high-performing graduates who wanted to get on the program, and they had to turn people away.”

via Lateline – 11/11/2009: Gillard discusses education changes. (emphasis mine)

I must admit that in the visits I’ve made to the Teach for Australia offices I hadn’t noticed any damage to their doors: but I suppose it is the sort of thing you fix fairly quickly.

(I can’t stand the misuse of the word “literally” – maybe I should be shilling for an English class…. )

One thought on “Door problems at Teach for Australia

  1. The fortunate thing about being hosted in the office space of one of our corporate partners is that they’re able to fix such things fairly quickly 🙂 As we move into our own office space in the coming weeks we’ll perhaps see a few more holes in the doors… Truly, the turn out of applications this year was inspiring. We’re excited and looking forward to seeing you for the start of Initial Intensive in just 16 days!

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