At home at school

Last week was an interesting one. For the most part there was little study: instead the days were filled with being in classrooms. It’s not the greatest time of year to be in schools, particularly if you’re hoping to see how they run, because by this point in the year reports are written or being written and so there’s very little still happening. Just a bunch of quite stressed teachers trying to cover off everything before the end of the year.

The first three days were probably the most useful in terms of getting hold of some great resources and discussing some very interesting ideas around educational theory and how that really plays out in the classroom environment. But the real winner were the last two days of the week in the Northern suburbs.

I’m not sure that the schools in Teach for Australia have been officially announced, but I’m apparently permitted to say that I’m in the Northern Metropolitan region; so for the moment you’ll have to take that at face value. But having spent two days at the school I am already starting to feel a little bit at home there. It’s the little things that make the difference, but knowing what my teaching load looks like for next year, and seeing where my desk is likely to be: well maybe they’re not even really that little.

I am likely beginning to sound like a broken record (though I’m much too young to understand what that means) but it is certainly true that each step towards day one of classes next year brings with it a sense that this is all happening, as well as a sense that it’s all happening very fast. The study is starting to get more serious, our practical sessions are beginning to become, ah, what’s the word…. practical. Which is why it really is quite nice that when I stepped into a classroom to assist taking a Year 7 Maths extra late in the day that I actually felt home. At home at school.

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  1. Geoff this all sounds fantastic. Overwhelming – but fantastic! Hope you getting some space to process it all. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing more. x

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