Energy Levels: Coffee and Yo-Yos

For the last year or so, it’s felt that my personal energy levels throughout the day was a relatively simple system to manage. There were essentially two inputs: sleep and coffee. If one was missing, I’d need a little more of the other and vice versa.

This week however has been a roller-coaster, particularly once we started getting stuck into the “real work”. I found the first few days (before classes started) really exhausting: probably because I find it a particularly draining thing to meet a number of new people which was essentially a fairly accurate description of our first day or two. But once that was out of the way a curious thing started happening. Being in a learning environment with so many people who are desperate to learn, and feeling like I was engaging with the content in ways I haven’t felt for a long time was energising me. I came out of lectures feeling better than when I went in. I’m fairly sure there were a couple of people who started to be concerned about my clear hyperactivity issues, but it has been an exciting thing. Naturally this process eventually wears me out, so I’ve been up and down like a yo-yo all week: one moment feeling that I could run a marathon, the next thinking very seriously about whether I’ll put one foot in front of the other.

Exciting times.

2 thoughts on “Energy Levels: Coffee and Yo-Yos

  1. That is really good to hear! I definately notice the increase in energy levels when i head back to uni after exams too. My friends was so engaged with her thesis she forgot to eat most days for months and was almost hospitalised for annoxersia. I’ve never enjoyed the content that much!!

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