Ken Robinson on why education is broken

Great video from RSA Animate on why education needs a complete paradigm shift. I’m sure lots of you have seen his TED video, but the guys from RSA Animate do an amazing job with all their videos to put pictures to audio. And if you haven’t heard any of Ken Robinson’s stuff – I strongly recommend this as a starting point. Great viewing.

2 thoughts on “Ken Robinson on why education is broken

  1. Wow. This is amazing.
    The animation was such a good medium to use here as a demonstration of the message. I don’t generally care much about Education, but when it’s demonstrated visually, I was really interested. It makes me wonder how much more of school I’d remember if there was room made for visual thinkers.

  2. Don’t care much about education (which you mis-capitalised proving that perhaps you should care a little more)? I am wounded by your apathy Blair! How else will you change the world if not with education?

    There’s no doubt though that a completely standardised education conveyor-belt mentality has to be on the way out, and while there’s plenty of tinkering around the edges being done it will eventually take some wholesale changes.

    The animation is pretty funky – you want to check out a few more of the animations from the same guys. They’re pretty cool!

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