Bit sillier but…

…thought I should share some thought’s from our “Awe Wall”. We have a piece of butcher’s paper set up in one of the rooms here at college as our Awe Wall, where we can post things that hold us in awe. In typical spirit, it hasn’t been taken too seriously, leaving us with some cracking quips. The things currently holding TfA associates in awe include:

  • Unidentified coagulated desserts
  • Person X‘s very suave “jumper shoulder” look
  • We clap a lot (this is pretty accurate)
  • Pumpkin and potato with a side of pumpkin and potato (vegetarian options not always as diverse as might be hoped)
  • Person Y did 500 pushups
  • Downward facing dog and nipple to knee (hopefully a description of the early-morning yoga classes, else I’m not so sure…)

OK – in hindsight I’m pretty sure these are probably funnier to me than they are to you. But anyway – something a little bit lighter from the Big Brother house TFA Academy.